Who is Nick Gowens?

Nick helps business owners and leaders boost profits, manage their time and teams better to achieve their wider personal and professional goals.

Businesses and individuals are only ever able to achieve their best when they define their goals and plan a course to reach them. As a Certified ActionCoach, Nick brings experience in supporting business owners, leaders and leadership teams with high-value and road-tested coaching, consultancy and advice, designed to transform business performance and provide a platform for personal growth.

He brings over 30 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, IT, Market Research and Analytics, covering the retail, leisure, foodservice and shopping centre industries. By identifying new commercial opportunities, developing powerful information-driven sales and marketing strategies and implementing strong financial management, he has consistently driven exceptional results across the business landscape.

For new and transforming businesses, his experience in data-driven market insight means greater security, stability and long-term profitability.

Within leadership teams, he adds significant value to every aspect of the business, through coaching work aimed at optimising opportunities, changing culture, securing deals and building trust.

For company owners, his experience at the highest levels of business leadership is an invaluable resource as he helps plan for the future with you, including exit strategies and aligning business and personal goals.

Why you should choose Nick Gowens as your business growth coach…


Nick plans to help CEOs and business owners plan for the future, setting and achieving both personal and professional goals.

Through regular coaching sessions in person, or online or blended as convenient, you and Nick will explore how to consolidate your successes and find new, meaningful goals that use your talent, personality, skills and experience to their fullest.

You did not start a business to fail. You want and deserve to be successful. We all do. The problem is that most of us have not been trained to be a successful business owner. This is where he comes in to be your coach and mentor, to help guide and improve your business. he will help you use your time more effectively, build a strong team, and earn more money. And when this is achieved, he will show you how your successful business will work without you. he has the experience and the knowledge to do this.


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What our clients can expect:


Accountability: your coach is that ‘unreasonable friend’ who will challenge and push you on the one hand, while supporting on the other hand.

Proven business strategies: these strategies have been tested and measured for effectiveness

Bespoke service: the systems at ActionCoach are powerful, they are tailored to your needs as a business owner in order to realise your vision and goals.

Transformative leadership support: would you like to be a transformational leader within your business; engaging suppliers, employees, customers and many other stakeholders? Stirring a sense of commitment going forward? Nick can help you to BE the person you need to BE to bring about these results.


Reach out now to shape your future!